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  1. The pot shaft is bent out of shape? Or there's dried beer in it? :) DeOxIt is a good choice; D5 would be best (contains a little solvent). But if it's a bent shaft, you'll have to replace the pot.
  2. aaronlyon

    Big Sur

    FWIW, I installed Big Sur on Saturday, and am using Helix Native in Logic Pro with no problems.
  3. Two steps: open a new (empty) preset, choose Amp+Cab > Fullerton Jump. Bingo. Oh, step three: Play Cinnamon Girl album track and jam along.
  4. OP, I apologize for my snark. I wasn't joking about wanting higher-resolution images. I'm still curious--is this a hardware failure, like delamination of layers of the LCD? Or is it a foreign substance, like dirt or mold? I can see that the blemishes are outside the bounds of the pixels on the LCD, so it's not dead pixels. How does it look when powered down, under bright illumination? Do the blemishes cast a shadow?
  5. It appears some of the solid gold innards are leaking out! Or you've got a nice mold. Time to get out your USB microscope and snap some closeups!
  6. You say you're running the Helix into your power amp input, which means the Katana is acting as power amp and speaker cab, so you do NOT want to emulate those components with the Helix. Choose an amp model WITHOUT cabinet.
  7. Chiming in on this Tuner bug. Using Helix Floor, v2.90. Engaging the Tuner shortly after boot causes a variety of processor A crashes. Either the tuner simply does not work (mutes sound but does not display note); or after exiting tuner, all block on path A no longer work (but block on path B are OK); or total system freeze. Happens on all patches, empty or not. Happens reliably every time, as long as I engage tuner within about 20 seconds of boot. Otherwise, works fine!
  8. Yes, this. Highlight the Output block, and you will see the meters. I love this feature, especially for the 3-band compressor (LA Studio Comp? I'm not in front of my Helix). The meters revealed that my settings were compressing the mid band only, with no effect on the high or low bands.
  9. Could be sample rate mismatch. Like, Helix set for 44.1KHz, computer set for 48KHz.
  10. That's a great idea! Let us know what you find!
  11. I solved a similar issue in a very DIY fashion. I want an external expression pedal AND a Line 6 G50 wireless receiver to be permanent parts of my pedal board, along with my Helix Floor. My solution was to build a plywood pedalboard to support the EXP pedal and G50, along with two footswitch buttons, powered by a 1SPOT which is secured under the board. Power comes in to the board via an IEC inlet, and I have cables running from the board to the Helix. Finally, if I ever want 9vDC for other pedals, it's available on the 1SPOT string. You can see photos of my rig here:
  12. "have the volume on the LT turned down" -- this is part of the problem. You want your LT volume turned up high--not high enough to distort, but as high as possible so your signal to noise (hiss) ratio is best.
  13. 4. The Helix Floor can sound just like a real, vintage tube amp, by using amp emulation only (no speaker cab), then taking output from the helix into a simple power amp, then into a guitar speaker cabinet. You don't need anything fancy--I have built several 200w power amps from components available online for under $100. They sound great at home and on stage.
  14. There is only a single loop. You can overdub as many times as you like, building up the layers. The most recent overdub can be cancelled with the Undo button (toggled is a better word, which is a feature some people exploit when looping to do kind of verse/chorus thing).
  15. I told myself I'd wait at least a week to let you bleeding edge types work out the bugs. And then I went ahead and updated. Everything went smoothly! I'm especially impressed with the new distortion blocks. Really, really great.
  16. I took a scientific approach. I put a 1KHz sine wave at 100mV p-p into the Helix Floor (blank preset with no blocks, outputs set to instrument level in Global settings), then scoped the 1/4" output, and adjusted the volume knob until the output amplitude was also 100mV. Volume knob was at about 1 o'clock. I put a yellow sticky arrow on the panel to mark the spot. That's my unity gain.
  17. Helix Native (DAW plug-in) is what you're after. Helix owners can buy Helix Native for $100.
  18. Just put a short jumper cable into the send and return jacks.
  19. aaronlyon

    Helix to PA

    Let the FOH engineer do EQ--usually has to tame the highs and roll off some low.
  20. I simply do not have this issue. Current firmware. Both 6-btn and 1-btn loopers work fine at the end of the FX chain. No loss in gain. Set up a new, empty patch, add looper. Still have issue? Are you plugging into the normal guitar input? Output thru normal 1/4" out?
  21. No, I don't think so. But if you add a real (analog) volume pedal in front of the Helix, there you go!
  22. Thanks, but entire point of this is to avoid using the footswitches, which are all dedicated to various pedal models. Thanks!
  23. Rats, I can't figure out how to do it with Snapshots, either. Command Center, evidently, does not change with Snapshots.
  24. I would like to send a MIDI command to my Helix Floor to trigger the Helix Ext Amp switching feature. I don't see such a MIDI command mentioned in the manual, so maybe I have to rely on Snapshots instead. But let me know!
  25. aaronlyon

    Stop the hair!

    "hair" = high end fizz? Notice that the Cabinet blocks have EQ parameters. Roll the highs back to about 8-9KHz to tame your hair.
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