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Spider V 240 MkII Questions


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Hello friends at the Line 6 forum,


I'm considering buying a Spider V 240 MkII head and have a few questions.


How many factory/user presets does it have?

How many banks does the FBV 3 have and how many of the switches can be assigned to presets per bank?  In other words, could I assign presets to 9 switches without changing banks?

Can all the functions be accessed from the front panel, if not, will I be able to modify presets with my iPhone 6 Plus?


Thank you

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First, save your cash and buy a spider V 240, if you can find it.  After the firmware is applied it is identical to the mk II


Second. Everything else can be found in the manual.


You have a total of 128 slots to place tones. Or 32 banks of 4 slots with the last four being blank. I personally delete all the factory tones so that I have all 128 to play with. Any of the factory tones I want I just import in from back up.


The FBV makes the spider v so you can interface hands free. It really adds nothing but functionality, but that functionality is convenient as all get out. If you a quick of foot you can switch

between your tones in any bank pretty easily. 


Pretty much anything you are looking for is in the manual section. There is a link to all the factory tones and effects on the forums, which I'll try and link here.

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Spider V has 128 presets total, 124 factory presets, and 4 left blank. All presets can be overwritten. You can manage your presets, and download more presets using the free Spider Remote app for mobile device or computer.


The FBV3 controller functions are set with Spider V. The top row, FS 1-5 control your effects, bottom row, FS A-D are for changing presets. There is also a tap tempo/tuner footswitch, bank up and down, and function which controls the looper. You wouldn't be able to assign 9 presets without changing banks. 


Everything can be edited and controlled from the front panel, you can select the AMP or FX button followed by the EDIT button to get into tweaking parameters. iPhone 6 Plus, should work fine with Spider V. 

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