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why so complicated Jst want to calibrate my FBV express pedal but gives me errors

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been trying to update my FBV controler's firmware and calibrate foot controller. 
anyone have a fix for this ? 

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If you are getting error codes, you will need to start a Support Ticket.

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Here are the calibration instructions for FBV Express MKii, if you are still receiving an error, I recommend opening a support ticket 


FBV Express Mk. II:


1) Hold D while powering on the FBV. Upon release, the pedal display will read '1'.


2) Press and hold the pedal toeswitch until the 7 segment display changes to '2'. This should occur instantly.


3) Set the heel to the heel (minimum) position, press the D button. The 7 segment display will change to '3â'.


4) Set the toe position (maximum) and press the D button. The tuner LEDs above the 7 segment display will light.


5) Move the pedal and verify that the tuner LEDs sequentially turn off as the pedal moves to the minimum position, and refills when moved to the maximum position.


6) Press D to exit

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AD Brown , Thank you for the instructions , but I have Done that many times reinstalled it flashed it .... 
When we go to 3 there is no lower case (a) ....just a 3 in the display. When we get to five all the light's stay light up . 

But when we minimize the pedal to heal . They don't recede ...And I get no error codes. 

 I have done it many times that it takes the fun out of playing my Spider VI 150HD ... 
And now I got a gig coming up performing at this event called Feast Of Sharing. Opened a ticket but cannot find the receipt...So no warranty. So I am Sheet out of luck and out $100 .00 USD... 
Being in a small town , the nearest music store is 3hrs away... Not happy with my FBV Express... And I have been a loyal Line6 user since I own and still do own a Spider Valve 112 and a Spider Valve MKII 2x12 40 watt tube amp designed by Bogner... Both need to be repaired and resurrected.....I wish to own The 100 watt Spider Valve MKII head . And the Firehawk 1500.... But if Line6 can't help me with a pedal An FBV Express Pedal . Imagine getting my SpiderValves serviced ... I sure wish I could get the customer service I deserve... Line 6 should go above and beyond.. I guess I was wrong about Line 6 caring for the struggling artist.....

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