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Studio UX2 no input or output

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Trying to work with my UX2 for the first time, but nothing seems to work.

I have everything setup (with the latest versions), per Line 6 monkey (see attached screenshot at the bottom)


My UX2 is connected to the computer. When I choose Line 6 UX2 as my default speakers and play a YouTube video, I see the level meters moving, but nothing comes out of the analog outs (I connected analog out 1/L to a guitar amp and there's no sound).


Trying the other way around - opened POD Farm, connected my guitar to the instrument input (normal), changed the level meter to show input and went into POD Farm's mixer. Set the input to instrument. Playing on my guitar and the meters don't move (of course, I don't hear any sound).


Last attempt - same setup, but I connected a microphone to the XLR input (microphone input 1/L), changed the input in POD Farm's mixer to mic 1. Again, the level meter (now set to input) doesn't move as I speak the the microphone, and no output sound.


I also tried connecting the guitar to the amp directly using the same cable to make sure it's not a cable issue (it's not), and even tried another cable (worth trying - both cables are fine). It's as if the USB part works (the level meters light up and I can send output from my computer), but none of the inputs / outputs work. Any clue on what could cause this?







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Got the same issue and got the very same versions of drivers. Only difference being that absolutely no audio goes through the ux2, and neither do the meters move. Strong bump.

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I was having this very same problem today.  I finally took the USB connection off of one port and put it into a different slot.  I don't remember but it was either moving it from a 30 USB to a 2.0 or vice versa.  Windows would see the device as would the Line 6 Pod Farm but no input or output to it.  There were also long delays anytime you tried to access the properties and what not.  Re-installing the drivers didn't help.  I don't know if the USB version is the issue or it just needed to be enumerated on another port.  Works great now.

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