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Help With Guitar Pickup Interference

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I have a Jackson JSX-94 Concept, with Jackson Single-Coil pickups, I'm running it through my Line6 UX2 into my PC and recording with Reason 7. Ive noticed when I have some of the more distortion'y effects I get what sounds like a digital interference, I don't know if this is the hard-drive, the fan or power-supply... or something else... I've recorded the sound I get when the volume is turned up only slightly. If anybody knows whats causing the noise, and what I can do to fix it.


Cheers, Jimmy.


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Do you hear this when you're playing too?


Is it possible/practical for you to test this in a different location?


And just for the record, this does not occur with a hummbucker in the same configuration?


btw, the lyrics suck but I dig the beat! :mellow:

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