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G10 Transmitter not holding much charge (but seems to charge up in 10mins)

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Hi all.

Be grateful if anyone can help. My G10 wireless transmitter doesn’t  seem to be holding more than a couple of hours of charge. When it’s completely flat the light indicates that it is back to being fully charged  in around 10-15 mins, which seems odd. When I then use it, same thing occurs - short playing time. 
Any advice? 


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Somewhere in the bowels of the FAQ section for the G10S, it mentions that charging a completely flat battery should take ~3.5 hours... so my guess is you're not charging it completely, regardless of what the base unit is indicating. 15 minutes for a completely dead battery isn't gonna give you much run time.


Leave it charging for a few hours, and see how long it lasts... if it still doesn't have the expected battery life, then I'd say you have a bum unit.

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