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Joy stick broken...


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Hi every one,

Thanks for being there in these situations...


I'm on a tour and my helix is getting older every shows .

The joy stick under the bypass and action button is dead. That means there is no way to activate a block or modify , edit any sound directly on the HX floor is no more possible. 

It's a big problem.

It's not on warranty anymore.

Is this problem occur often ? 

how did you fixed it ?


Thanks !!



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A Pedal Edit mode (foot operated) is available.  The release notes for firmware v2.80 describe an addition to this mode as follows. It implies that some capability was already available but I can't find the associated release notes. I expect it operates in a similar fashion.


Hands-free Pedal Edit for Input/Output Blocks

Helix Floor, Helix Rack/Control, Helix LT

In addition to Amp, Effect, Cab, IR, Split, and Mixer parameters, Input and Output Block parameters can also now be edited with your feet, including the new Variax String Level, Powercab Plus remote, and DT25/DT50 remote parameters.

  1. Press and hold MODE to enter Pedal Edit Mode. The switches flash.
  2. If necessary, press MORE one or more times to view additional blocks and press the Input 1A (or 1B, 2A, or 2B) or Output 1A (or 1B, 2A, or 2B) footswitch. If the block has more than one page of parameters, press FS8 (FS9 (PAGE>) until you find the parameter.
  3. Press the footswitch displaying the parameter you want to adjust and use an expression pedal to adjust the parameter. For fine adjustment, press FS10 (VALUE) and FS11 (VALUE+). Hold FS10 (VALUE) or FS11 (VALUE +) for faster adjustments.
  4. When finished, press FS12 (EXIT). If you want to save any changes made to the preset, hold FS12 (EXIT) for two seconds.
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