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Rethinking my pedal board... again


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So far I've been really happy with my HX Stomp sitting on my pedal board. I've identified three specific uses:
1.) Patches that just effects when fronting my Dr Z amps (no effects returns/sends).

2 with caveat.) Patches that have amps+cabs (or IR's) for Live or Direct recording.  Caveat; With Direct recording, one doesn't need a lot of on-the-fly capability because you can tweak for specific performances.


I initially loved the idea of "virtualizing" my existing pedal board in the Stomp. Meaning, running all my pedals through the FX loop... But what I quickly noticed was a.) all my pedals are mainly comp/od/dist and trem, and b.) in most cases they would sit in front of an amp at the beginning of the chain. Thus, I asked why am I tying up a block just to put pedals in virtual mode? I did like the dual functionality of the FX loop block because I also used the send level with my expression pedal as a volume pedal. 


I downloaded both Rhett Shull and Richie Castellano's HX Stomp patches and noticed, they don't use FX Loops...  I also noticed that Rhett puts a Compressor as the last block, and it seems to really make a huge difference. It's not doing much compressing, as it is acting more as a limiter. That's what got me thinking of all this. So I rewired things and so far so good. Feel like I got another block back. I got darn good OD/Dist/Trem pedal, so unless I need to just bring the Stomp and nothing else, this seems to fit the bill. 


View shown here still shows me using the FX Loop 




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