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Can't record processed (wet) signal from helix


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Please bear with me as I'm pretty novice with this;


I'm having issues trying to record the processed sound from my helix. When I first got the unit it worked fine and it was plug and play. I was able to record exactly what I was hearing from my amp. At some point I've managed to change something and I'm not sure what but I no longer get any sound picked up from the helix when recording (it still makes sound through headphones/amp).


I'm able to hear and record the dry signal on mono input 7 but every other input is silent on both mono and stereo. I'm using reaper as my DAW and the helix as my interface via USB. I've tried audacity, FL Studio and Pro Tools and they all have the same result. Here are the audio device settings I have in reaper:




My helix IO settings are as follows:
Guitar Pad: Off

Mic In 48v Phantom: Off

Mic In Gain: 0db

Mic In Low Cut: Off

USB in 1/2 Destination: Multi

USB in 1/2 trim: 0db

1/4" outputs: Line

XLR outputs: Line

Send Return 1 - 4: Instrument (Have also tried setting these to line - no difference)

Re-amp src USB 7: Guitar

re-amp src USB 8: Mic

Volume Control Knobs: Multi

Headphone monitor: multi

Digital output: S/PDIF

Digital Out level: 0db

Sample rate: 48khz


I'm unsure if any other information is required..



Edit: Okay I believe there is something wrong with the patches I have set up. I just switched to a factory preset and it is working. Could somebody tell me what I need to do to this patch to make it record?




Edit 2: I changed 1/4" to multi and it's now making noise. I'll leave this here in case anyone else is as dumb as I am.

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to record  wet  using the Helix, make sure the output is set to Multi output. 

as for the noise. 

i don't understand you patch design, you have a split path doubling up to path 2A. there is a distortion block after the amp.....try turning off and on the different patches. 

good luck. 

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