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Toneport UX2 xlr mic not working or really loud white noise

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Hello, I have been using the toneport ux2 for a while to connect my studio monitors to my pc and had no problems with it. 

Recently i bought a xlr microphone and connected it. It was all good untill I shut down my computer.

When I turned on my computer it didnt work.


The fix I found was changing the inputs & recording to another one and then swapping it back in the Line 6 Audio-MIDI devices program and changing the default format in the settings of the audio interface.

The problem switches between the mic not working at all or producing a very loud white noise.

I already updated all my drivers and checked the cables / connections, it is a software based problem.


Does anyone know a fix for this because it is pretty annoying changing around the settings every time I want to use the microphone.


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I have a similar issue, where certain programs (such as Audacity or certain games) trip the UX2 into making extremely loud white noise, however I fix this by disabling in windows sound menu and then re-enabling and it fixes it until I re-open the program or another program that trips it would love a fix.  

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@mrvlhs I had to further troubleshoot this. Ultimately I isolated the issue to the advanced tab in the "digital audio interface properties" menu. With some amount of luck, I was able to solve this for good. Specifically the "default format" option seemed to be giving the UX2 issues with some programs. If you have already tried a full re-install, the only other thing I can guess is maybe changing the USB/Printer cable that connects the UX2 to the PC. 

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