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Anyone gig with only HX Stomp?


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I use a fairly 'dry' signal (rarely more than amp - reverb - delay at most), and doubt I'll run into problems with the six blocks. I'm gonna run with a preset for each of my bands songs and use snapshots for stuff like solo boosts and changes between verse and chorus.


So that's it. A guitar into the HX Stomp, output to FOH (I'm using a Yamaha DXR10 FRFR in rehearsal, might lug it to some gigs). 


Anyone else using/gigging an HX Stomp by itself?

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I've been doing band rehearsals with the Stomp alone. Not even a preset per song, just a few presets with sounds I like (one for cleaner songs, one for heavier, one with a phaser, so on), using the footswitches mostly for boosts, distortions, and modulations. Reberb or slap delay always on, depending on the preset.

At home I sometimes use an external pedal for wah/volume for some specific stuff, but with the band I just plug guitar into Stomp into a PA. I'm pretty happy with it.

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