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  1. Updated just a few minutes ago. Went smoothly as usual. Thanks DI.
  2. You should use the headphone output of the stomp to avoid latency in my opinion.
  3. Hi, just for info : I did the update yesterday on OSX without any issue. It took less than 10 minutes. Late 2011 Macbook Pro with OSX 10.13.6 (High Sierra)
  4. Actually, it only depends on your needs; but the Stomp alone is enough in most cases I would say.
  5. You took the wrong file garbanzo. DMG are for MAC.
  6. Hi shawnt113, I don't have a lot of experience with IRs but I recently tried the Sunn IR from Shift Line and I really like it. You can also find a lot of free IR out there on the internet, but I have not tested much yet. Cheers
  7. Easy to understand in my opinion: preset has been done on a 'full' Helix, so it must contain more that 6 blocks and has several paths. So the Stomp cannot 'understand' it
  8. Juste pour être sûr, car en effet tu n'as pas donné d'info sur ton ordinateur. Il n'est pas trop vieux ? Sous entendu --> Ce n'est pas de l'USB 1 ? Je demande car je crois avoir lu que c'était minimum USB 2 pour le Helix.
  9. Ce sont des questions de base qu'on est obligé de poser pour en savoir plus, notamment ce que tu as déjà fait avant de venir ici :) Bref, bonne continuation, j'espère que tu résoudras rapidement ton problème. See you.
  10. Salut Yvon, D'abord, c'est un forum international donc la langue est plutôt l'anglais :) Ensuite, il est possible que ton ordinateur ait besoin de drivers (ou pilotes en Français). Qu'utilise-tu, Windows ou MacOS ? Lorsque tu vas dans la liste des périphériques, vois-tu un "périphérique non reconnu" ou rien du tout ? Greg
  11. Yes. Exactly like you. My bass in the Stomp to the FOH.
  12. Hi Fabrizio, Happy to read it, my sax player also bought one and is very happy with it, I will send him your video! We are 3 HX/Helix users in my band, and all very happy (maybe we should be endorsed ;) ). Cheers, Greg
  13. Take it out of the zip file first?
  14. Hi, Open the zip first. The IR should be loaded as wav files.
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