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Spider V60 MKII question/test


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I have a Spider V60 MKII.


Would any of you out there with this model do a quick test for me please.


1) Use Clean 01A Basic 

2) Volume about 11-12 o'clock

3) Guitar up full (preferably neck pickup) play an Ab on 6th string 4th fret

4) Tell me if you have any buzz?? This is a "sympathetic resonance" triggered specifically by that note?


I definitely get this on mine and it is back at the dealer for warranty repair. I also have a SV60 MKII loaner. New amp. It is nowhere near as much but this is a "slight" buzz triggered by that Ab note on it as well, so I am wondering if any of you out there are getting this??.


What I can tell you with mine ...


1) It can be triggered by 3 different guitars I have ... same note each time. Compared to an F on the 6th string (first fret) there is a definite and noticeable buzz triggered by the Ab and not the F.

2) It does NOT happen with headphones.

3) Changing between classic and full range speaker makes no difference (eliminating possible tweeter fatigue/damage)

4) Re-Setting everything to factory does not fix this.

4) Really points a finger at either something in the cabinet or speaker cone resonance imho.


Thanks in advance.

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kblackley ...... thanks very much for checking.


The "loaner V60" I have here doesn't buzz either ...... BUT, the store I left it with (Line 6 dealer) called me and said "we don't hear any buzz" ..... lol ... so I have to go back and check it again but at least I will have both V60's to compare (which I did when I took my amp in and showed the sales person on the floor at the time). Mine is "noticeably buzzing" triggered by the Ab. I didn't take the back off to investigate as it is still under warranty and I don't want to let them weasel out on me with the old "you opened it you voided the warranty" dodge.

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  • 2 weeks later...

It was sent in for warranty repair and returned to the store. When I went to pick it up, I plugged in to check and it was still buzzing exactly as it was when it was brought in. Whatever they did at repair nobody checked it and neither did the store when it came back ... duh !   So ..... back for repair it went again. Lucky I have a loaner.

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