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  1. My 120 sounds fine as long as I run it directly into the PA system - even at rehearsal. I haven't noticed the presets sounding any different over time.
  2. Another oddity for me is that the Spider V speaker sounds different depending on where I am positioned. In case you haven't tried already, try standing at different places in the room and at different angles to the speaker. Might (or might not) make a big difference.
  3. I liked my Spider IV better when using the amp speaker. The Spider V speaker still sounds flat to me when I turn it up. However, when I run the V directly into the PA (which I do not only for gigs but also for rehearsals) it sounds just fine, as it does at home with head[hones. And I love how useful the V is for practicing with back tracks at home.
  4. I have both a 60 (for home use) and the 120 (for rehearsals gigs). Trouble with both is the speakers sound lousy when amps gets turned up. However, the 120 sounds just fine when you run direct into the PA with the XLR output connectors. So, I agree completely with gtman100. The 60 is really great if you just want to play at home, but you'll want the 120 if you plan to play with others.
  5. Gave it a go on my 60 - no buzz here.
  6. As mentioned earlier, the big advantage of the 120 over the 60 is the XLR outputs. No matter how/good bad the sound from the speaker is, it always sounds good when you run it directly into the PA system. I use the 60 for home use and rehearsals (mainly because it's lighter) but only use the 120 when performing live. If I was only playing at home, I'd stick with the 60.
  7. I've been using the FBV Express MKII with my Spider V and, as far as I can see, all I can do with it is switch among the four channels and use the tuner and volume/wah pedal.
  8. Thanks for the info. Is there any way to disable the looping feature? I can't risk having it come on in the middle of a song. Sort of makes the amp unusable if I can't disable it. . . .
  9. Last night I was doing a gig using a Spider 4 (75) with a Fbv Express Mkii. In the middle of a song the amplifer started looping, playing stuff I had played seconds before. Now, I didn't touch the amp so I must have pressed something on the Fbv Express Mkii with my foot to started the loop. Does anyone know how one starts a loop like this using the Fbv Express Mkii? I want to know so that I can make sure this doesn't accidentally happen agan. thanks!
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