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  1. WHer / what preset did you get ? Some presets are not for Spider amp's , or are for previous versions...
  2. Just saw your message.. Checked, no buzz here ...
  3. Try : https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/7021273?hl=en
  4. I have had no problems with this, Started with these Line 6 drivers : "Line 6 Driver2 , Version 1.91 , Released 9/13/18" download and install" Then i instaaled the "Iine 6 updater" Then connected the Spider V60 to my PC through USB Then i ran the Updater to update the V60 to V2.0 ( so now its an MKII ..) The i downloaded the newest Remote softeware and installed it with the Amp NOT connecrted. Then i connected the Spider V60 (MKII now..). then i restarted my lapto and started Spider Remote. And now alls is working fine...
  5. Short question : Ddi yo select the right amp model at the top of the screen ?
  6. Agree.. In the current SPider V MKII manual it says : ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For iOS and Android Mobile Devices - The Spider V Remote mobile app for iOS and Android devices allows you to search the cloud for thousands of tones and download them to your “My Tones” library, as well as to edit and manage presets on your Spider V. Please see the Spider Remote Pilot's Guide, available for download at https://line6.com/manuals. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So the intention of having this guide is there, but the guide itself is nowhere to be found....
  7. Or the Patch cable is no good.. I neve use cheap cables anymore, if they fail there are 2 possibilities : 1) Jus no connection due to bad soldering of the plug's, no harm done, just no sound coming through.. 2) Short cirquit, can ruin your amplifier... Th advantages of good cables are often underestimated , i think..
  8. What kind of USB adapter? AN iPhone needs a good "camera connection kit" , attached to the iPhone, and from that "Connection kit" device a normal USB cable . The spider V30 and up amplifiers canbe connected using the charging cables straight away to connect to connector at the back of the amplifier, but the V20 needs a Camera connection kit and an USB cable ...
  9. Ok old topic but.. After updating the spider V to V2.0 : FBV Shortboard MkII The FBV Shortboard MkII controller provides the same functionality as FBV 3, with the following exceptions: •FUNCTION 1 controls the COMP effect •FUNCTION 2 controls the LOOPER • FS2 controls the Stomp effect • FS3 controls the Modulation effect • FS4 controls the Delay effect • The FBV Shortboard MkII has only red LEDs, therefore, it will not display the same colors as FBV 3.
  10. Did you check your Fire Wall log file, to see if this software needs an extra port to be open ?
  11. Ok, to bad.. I enterred an idea in the idea's form to create sucha manual.. BTW, ar you saying that you bought your wife and taht she came with a manual ? :-)
  12. czhr10

    Worst amp ever?

    Totally agree.. I am just starting out playing Electric Guitar (up to recently only accoustic), and i tried some used amp's i bought cheaply, just to figure out what amp i like best. Now i obtained a spider v60 , and i am having a ball trying out all the possible presets and tweaking them to sound the way i like and i must say that up to now i can tweak most of them to sound a lot better than the factory presets, but this takes time and patience..
  13. On the Spider IV loop recording and dubbing can be controlled from the FBV Express MKII foot switch board by pressing the "A"and "B" switch simultaniously, but on the Spider V and Spider V MKII that does not work anymore .. Am i doing something wrong, or did Line 6 block this function on purpose for the Spider V series ?
  14. Owning a recently acquired Spider v ^0 , and having the oportunity to buy a FBV 4 ( so 4 switches in lie) footswitch, could anybody tell me if it would be worth it to buy this foorswitch?
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