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Powercab plus Helix Pro Tools recording


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Hey everyone


hoping someone can help me here. I'm trying to get my setup always "ready to role" based on my situation. I have my Helix setup to my PC through USB, setting the helix as amp and the cabinet is selected on the Powercab+ 112 using an AES cable between the helix and powercab. Using Variax as main work horse


tl:dr -  does anyone know if the AES Digital Output option can capture the final result and play it in protools? or am i doomed to just use the cabs in the Helix and only use the powercab at 'flat' settings?


i am outputting the sound with 'digital' to use the AES cable. 


i have a keyboard hooked up thru the interface as well. it is using AUX in for direct audio playback, but then midi output for midi controlling in pro tools


Because of this, path 1 input is VARIAX is outputting to DIGITAL

path 2 input is AUX and output is USB 1/2


I'm able to record audio tracks fine from the keyboard in this setup, as well as capture midi. I'm also needing to make sure i can always do the ghost capture for raw guitar input (i have that on USB 7 no issues)


If i set the output of path 1 to USB 3/4 i get the audio of the guitar without the settings in PowerCab.

Main issue appears to be that - DIGITAL does not send/recieve - only really sends to PowerCab, and i'm not going to be able to capture that unless i have audio sending from the powercab back into the helix - but in this situation it is now a problem because i would have to change the Path 2 to support this audio.


so back to the tl:dr - does anyone know if the AES Digital Output option can capture the final result and play it in protools? or am i doomed to just use the cabs in the Helix and only use the powercab at 'flat' settings?

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USB Audio
Powercab Plus systems function as USB 2.0, low latency, stereo input/output, 16-bit, 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz, audio interfaces for Mac or PC, and are also capable of being used as an audio interface for iPad and iPhone mobile devices.* They are compatible with all major DAW software. *NOTE: Connectivity with iPad & iPhone requires an Apple Camera Connection Kit USB adapter (sold separately). There is no driver installation necessary for Mac or Windows® computers or for Apple iPad or iPhone mobile devices. (See the ASIO Driver section below for Windows low-latency audio performance.)
This USB audio functionality allows you to jam along with your backing tracks, YouTube™, iTunes, or to record high quality audio within your DAW software. By configuring your DAW software track to record from the Powercab Plus USB 1/2 source, you'll capture your processed signal from the Powercab within the DAW track—with zero-latency monitoring, since you are hearing your input from the Powercab Plus hardware outputs before it is routed through your software.

ASIO Driver (Windows only)
When using a Powercab Plus as an audio interface for Windows DAW applications, it is highly recommended to download and install the Line 6 Powercab ASIO driver, available free from This ASIO driver offers the superior, low-latency USB audio performance required for DAW recording. It is also necessary to configure your DAW software to utilize the Powercab ASIO driver. This setting is typically found within your DAW software's Preferences or Options dialog - please see your software's documentation.

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