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Need help with speaker selection

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Hello all. Thanks for all the comments and suggestions you all gave me last year. I’ve been slowly modifying, rearranging, and upgrading my equipment since we last posted. I now have a zoom L-12 Livetrack mixer/recorder and I love it. I am now ready to buy some speakers and am still debating which ones to get. Your input will be appreciated.


To refresh you on my situation, I am slowly building a home studio. Its purpose is primarily just for fun jamming with my friends. The studio is in my converted living room and is roughly 20 feet square. Carpeted.  The helix, computer, and other instruments are plugged into the mixer. I now need a final output. Most of you have suggested a pair of studio monitors, others have suggested PA speakers. The jam sessions are pretty casual, so the players are not going to wear headphones unless we ever decide to make a recording for public consumption, which is unlikely. In my dreams we might want to do a talent show at church but realistically that is probably also unlikely. So, help me decide:


Yamaha HS8 studio monitors

Yamaha DBR 12 PA speakers

EV ZLX 12 PA speakers


or something else?



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I don't have tons of recording experience but I would think that you want studio monitors for mixing.  Electronic instruments should have their own amps/speakers, no?  If the purpose is for everyone to hear themselves while jamming live, then get PA speakers.  Not sure what your intent exactly is.

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