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That is certainly not a helpful suggestion.  Line 6 says there is a page with specific information and instructions related to the Mobile POD App.  As a Line 6 expert, you should darn well know what happened to it or where it exists.  I find your vague referral to a different topic line addressing entirely different issues most unhelpful.

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I'm sure there are many Line 6 devotees, like myself, with a variety of reliable Line 6 gear, that are exploring this new direction and finding the same frustrating lack of planning on Line 6's part.  I have two Tyler Variax, an old POD 2.0 with floor pedal, and an POD X3.  I predict there will be many more posts along this line until Line 6 finally discovers that there is an actual interest in this new product line and decides to actually provide support.

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Experts are just long term experienced users. The link he provided had loads of great info...

So perhaps not what you want... But still good and still potentially helpful to others.

This is not your topic even so others may have already got what they needed.


If you want to engage line6 support open a support ticket or call.

There is a contact us link at the bottom of every page.

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