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L2T/L2M in Stereo with Helix - how do you position them?


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For those of you out there with a couple L2T/L2M speakers in stereo at home (not out gigging), how do you personally orient the speakers (horizontal, vertical, on an amp stand, on a pole, horizontal on a stand, vertical on a stand, etc), and what speaker mode do you use in said position?

If you set them horizontally, do you use PA/Reference or Floor Monitor mode? Do you orient them both the same way with the tweeter on the same side for both speakers:


[HF <— LF]  [HF <— LF]

or do you set them mirrored to each other like:


[HF <— LF]  [LF —> HF]



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Thanks for the input silverhead. Ideally, that's what I'd like to do, but unfortunately don't have space. I currently have them horizontal on amps stands in PA/Reference mode, with tweeters on the outside, woofers on the inside (basically one mirroring the other). I'd like to just set them on the floor with the built-in stands in floor monitor mode, but in stereo, the imaging is off due to the positioning of the tweeters, which is understandable, wouldn't normally run stereo floor monitors I suppose. Can't have them sitting on the floor with the tweeters on the outside, as the built-in stands are now on the wrong side on one of them in that position. I've tried vertical on amp stands, and the stereo imaging is best, but they're a little tall for where I have them positioned that way, plus my amp stands are almost too wide, the speakers sit barely between the legs of the stands. Any tips in this situation?


As a side note, I've read that the Stagesource speakers will automatically flip to floor monitor mode when turned on their side. This is actually half true, at least with my speakers, as they also have to be tilted back for the speaker mode to switch. Otherwise the speaker mode stays where you last set it, even horizontally. Only when they're tilted back and horizontal does the speaker mode change. Not a bad thing, though, since with the amp stands, the speakers are decoupled from the floor, and don't need the floor monitor mode enabled.


I've noticed the sound can change quite drastically depending on how these particular speakers are oriented, so wanted to see how everyone else who likes them with Helix has them set up. It's a shame I don't see more talk about them, as they do sound good (and supposedly are what Line 6 used to set up patches on the Helix, from what I've read), which makes it difficult to compare them to other options that are out there, like the PowerCab. It seems many don't consider them an option due to cost. Admittedly I wouldn't have them if I paid full retail. Found mine lightly used locally for $400 for the L2T and $250 for the L2M, so $650 for the pair - can't beat that!

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