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Detune in Pod GO


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I use stereo detune a lot to get that Van Halen balance sound, I guess it isn’t going to happen as it is mono in the pod go. I hope they change that later by being able to get rid of the fixed EQ that I don’t use anyway. Love the form factor of this thing just seems to need a little more updating.

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Unfortunately, the fixed EQ uses maybe 5-10% of the DSP required to make one of the Pitch blocks stereo. In fact, the very reason we locked in the Preset EQ, Volume Pedal, Wah, and FX Loop is because they all use very little DSP (we'll admit it—so your entire signal flow looks bigger!). It's the exact same thing that other affordable-ish modelers do, including ones made by us in the 90s and 2000s.

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