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Shuriken Quack


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My Shuriken 25.5" has a really bad quack in all the modeling modes. I'm not sure if this is how its supposed to sound or not. 


Things I've tried to try to fix this issue:

1. Tried different guitar models- They all have the quack

2. Turning down the low strings- Still there

3. Changing strings- Right now I have D’Addario Nickel Wound  Lt. Top/Hvy. Bottom, 10-5 per recommendations on the forum. I have also tried Ernie Ball Regular Slinky and Super Slinkys. I have found the D'Addario to be the less quacky than the Erinie Balls but still pretty bad

3. Turning the tone all the way down - Eliminates the issue but guitar is too dark to be useful.



Heres a video I made that goes through all the modeling options between the magnetic pickups to show the differences. 




I have logged a ticket with Line 6 Customer Support but was hoping one of you might have a solution, or could tell me if this is normal.

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It's a common problem in Variax Land, and with piezo pickups in general. Some guitars seem to have it worse than others. The tone you're using can contribute to it as well...high gain will make it worse. Try turning down individual string volumes in Workbench, sometimes it helps.

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So they still haven't solved this problem eh?  It's why I eventually sold my variax 300, which had several upgrades and was a good guitar, and which I used professionally for studio recording (even to do a cover of a famous guitar solo for the soundtrack of a big budget movie made in China, using a hollowbody tone on my variax).


But eventually it's very subtle latency combined with a subtle piezo quack and a tiny issue with the tail end of the decay.... made me just want to stop playing it.


I keep reading this forum to find out that with the newest, sexiest guitars, they have found some new ways around these inherent issues... and by the way the variax is AMAZING... but that inherent problem for me just limits it a little too much.


It's great for many purposes... but yea, quack is an interesting word for it.  Sorta fits though.


Not sure I've heard it quite as strong as you are describing it, though.

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