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How to reach Line 6 Support for a broken G10?


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A while ago I sent a Line 6 G10 relay back to the factory for repair, due to a faulty micro USB port. It was repaired for a while, but broke again. Since it was out of warranty, I decided to have a look under the hood. This is how Line 6 "repaired" the USB port:




As you can see it was messily glued into its position, after which the connector worked for a while, but often broke when held a different orientation. Now it stopped working altogether. Sloppy! Given the other problems with the G10 recently, I think it's best to throw this unit in the trash.


Hopefully, Line 6 will meet me in the middle for a new purchase because this is obviously not how you repair a broken device. I created a support ticket with Line 6, which has now been open for a while without any response or indication of response time. There's also no response on Facebook, and when I phone the EU service center, all I get is a 2-minute wait followed by a "busy" beep tone, followed by a broken connection.


Does anyone have experience reaching Line 6 customer service? Cheers!



Edit: the delayed response might be due to a support backlog, but they got back to me on my ticket shortly after this post. After some back and forth, Line 6 offered me a replacement unit which is more than fair.

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