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Newbie having issues with Placater Dirty channel


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Using a 4-way Tele and am trying to do away with the Distortion and Teemah pedals in my Helix chain by using the Placater Dirty amp and finally came up with the setup below. Is it 'normal' that the bass and mids are cranked all the way down? Wondering if I should just go back to using a distortion pedal back instead?





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I dont know my settings, but I typically have the bass pretty low on this one.  I like the additional switch options in the lower settings and will turn those on and then increase the bass as needed to get where I need.  


I like a lot of mids in my tone, so those usually end up around 7-8, but varies by the song/tone I'm going for.  Sometimes I may keep the mids higher to 'send' the larger signal through the chain, but then use a parametric EQ to cut what I dont like about the mid frequencies the amp is fully sending.  If that makes sense?  



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