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Kemper Users with HX Effects?


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I use a regular Helix to control Kemper via midi.  Works great.  I assume the HXFx is the same or similar enough.


Are you able to make any midi commands, or is nothing working?  Page 269 in the Kemper manual will give you the command values for rig changes.  On my Helix presets I have two foot switches that let me go up or down the rig list.  From the Helix, it looks something like this:


Command:  Midi CC

Midi Channel:  1

CC# 49 (scrolls up, use 48 to scroll down)

Value: 0


Page 264 will give you the values for each block on the Kemper.  Pretty easy from the Helix.  Toggling the A block looks like


Command:  CC Toggle

Midi Channel: 1

CC#: 17

Dim value: 0

Lit Value: 1(can be anything greater than zero)


The only Kemper setting I had to change was around midi changes in performance mode, but I mainly just use browser mode and scroll through the rigs.  You may benefit from a system restore on the Kemper if you're not getting anything from the HXFX.




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What would be better would be for Kemper to "send" Midi CC messages, which it does not do. Only Program Change.

That way the Kemper could use the HX Effects as it was intended to be used, as an "Effects box" where via Midi you could change the HX-Effects per "Snap-shot" from the Kemper Remote.


So the only work-around we have currently is to have a Helix (or HX Effects) control the Kemper. 


BTW- Thanks for the Midi info above erabjohns!



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