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Is the Pod Go Plastic or Metal?!


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What the title says basically - is the Pod Go casing / body made of metal like the Helix LT / Pod HD500x, or is it plastic? If its plastic - does anyone have any glaring issues with it? I'm interested in one as its got all i need and none of the complications that i dont! Nothing i can see states what the casing is made of though and it still costs a fair chunk of change.


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1 hour ago, bassman985 said:

Thank you. Typically I’ve just found some videos that mention the build that I couldn’t see for looking yesterday!

in person, any worries about longevity with the unit build quality wise?

Many thanks. 

No immediate concerns with the Pod Go construction. In fact it looks and feels pretty solid and even the plastic looks tough. 're the footswitches these seem fine but only time will tell. 


But I do have serious concerns with the power supply. The cable is too thin and too short and in my view is not sufficiently robust for rehearsals and gigging.  I'm aware that other units e.g. Zoom pedals have similar PSUs albeit with longer cable, but the Pod Go PSU with it's wallwart and thin short cable is frankly a bit cheap and nasty and lets down what seems to be a pretty solid effects pedal. Admittedly I've been spoiled by the heavy duty cable and transformer that the Vox Tonelab SE and LE have.  But even the cable on the later Tonelab ST is significantly more robust with a standard 3 pin plug and the transformer placed 'mid cable'. Line 6 need to change this.



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7 hours ago, bassman985 said:

Hi thanks for that input. I know what you mean about the psu. The same issue exists with the Hx Stomp too, which was another potential option. definitely some food for thought ! Thanks. 


I think there's an important difference here. The HX stomp is designed to be integrated into an existing pedal board setup where it can be hooked up to the main board simply.  But the Pod Go is designed to be a single complete mfx solution, so hence it needs a better quality PSU with thicker, longer cable. 

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2 hours ago, malhavok said:

Don't bee fooled by the plastic bottom. It is very sturdy. I'm sure it would handle someone's full weight on it (but breaking the knobs would always be a bigger concern to stand on any unit).

Thanks for the input. And that’s a very  Wet good point about the knobs! I think I’ll be ordering one in the morning. One more sleep on it for good measure. Cheers! 

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