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Syncing Helix Delay with Boss RC-505

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I have a Helix LT and I'm trying to sync my tempo (for delays) using my Boss RC-505 as my master, but I want to keep the Helix LT ahead of it in the chain. I know there is a way to use a DAW to do it, but I was wondering if there was a way to sync without using one.


FYI, I'm a classical violinist/pianist that recently decided to see what I can do with loop machines and a sequencer to create live trance, so I'm VERY new to sound modification/mixing and don't understand most of the electronics terminology, so if simple/descriptive explanations are possible, it would be greatly appreciated. 



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The RC-505 transmits MIDI Clock, so all you have to do is go in the LT is go to Global Settings>MIDI/Tempo and make sure Receive MIDI Clock is set to MIDI or Auto. The Helix's tempo will then follow whatever tempo you have the RC-505 set to. As far as the delays and other effects, you just want to set the Time or Rate parameters to a note value so they'll be in sync with the tempo.

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