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Amp has no guitar sound.

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So I recently updated my Spider V 240 amp to its newest firmware. After the update I get absolutely nothing from my guitar input even though everything else (aux, usb, drum samples) is fine. I really have no clue as to why this is, since right before I updated it, the sound was fine.


If it helps, I noticed that the update got stuck on "Part 8 of 8 Updating Receiver 100%" though I'm not sure why that would affect it. 


Any help is appreciated 

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I recommend trying a factory restart first. Hold the Home button to open the menu and scroll until you find Factory Reset, select Factory Reset. You will need to back up any presets you wish to keep before performing a factory reset. 

If the factory reset does not work try reinstalling the firmware.

In rare instances, after an update, Spider V well default the volume pedal to 0% in presets. You can test/fix this with an FBV expression pedal. If you do not have an FBV floorboard controller, press the EDIT button on Spider V and then scroll until you find the Volume pedal. Make sure the Max is set to 100%. You can also turn the volume pedal on and off from this page. 

If these tips don't solve your issue, please open a ticket with customer support

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