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  1. cooperst

    How do you move Amplifi Presets (all banks) to Spider V?w

    I had the Amplifi 75 for 5 days and sent back for the Spider V 120 which was just announced for release at the time. My tablet still has the Amplifi Remote installed. When I installed the Spider V remote and logged it, all my presets were there.
  2. cooperst


    It starts right around the 14 second mark of the song. There is distortion or better yet an overdrive involved but it sounds like a resonator is being used. I have tried everything I can to find a tone that will match that and I can't come up with it. So it keeps ringing in my mind that it must be a resonator through distortion or overdrive.
  3. cooperst


    Has anyone created a patch for a resonator using the Spider V series amps? Would be nice to have that for the opening of Voices from Alice in Chains.
  4. cooperst

    Best Tones Available

    I just created a tone for Akira Takasaki of Loudness. It is ripping! You can just search for Akira Takasaki. There's only one that comes up. And you'll see Steven Cooper as the Creator. ;) Let me know what you think.