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Amp + Cab Block


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Has there been any talk about updating this block to include IR slots?  Couple things come to mind, I'm bored at work, my mind is rambling...maybe this doesnt make any sense...


1) Some of my presets could stand to free up the extra block space.  I try to keep my presets on a series type chain and not go into parallel routing much as it messes with my block setting consistency when trying to achieve even volume levels for FOH/Monitor sends.  Having an extra space, if you choose this block, freed up on your path would be awesome.  I totally get wanting to keep them seperate as well, and throw an EQ In the middle like real world applications....however I tend to add my 'post' effects after the cab.  My only concern would be the cpu usage this block would consume may too much to do much else on that same signal path, especially if you get into stereo cab/ir situations.  


2) Does the current Amp + Cab block allow stereo versions?  If so, adding the IR slots to that would be a nice upgrade.  Or combining stock cab with IR would be cool too.  


3) Depending on how the favorites thing is implemented in 3.0, this could mean saving your favorite amp with different cab configurations all in one block vs seperate.  



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Cab blocks are essentially IR blocks with some additional processing for mic placement, room sound, and efficient processing. If you use separate amp and cab blocks, you can use a dual cab block to have stereo without using parallel paths. There are (currently) no stereo IR blocks. 

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It would be ideal to be able to choose a third party IR for the cab in the "Amp + Cab" block for sure. As it stands I have to use a block for my IR...and it sounds too good to use an amp + cab block with the stock cabs in the Helix. 
I actually tried this a few days ago because we only have six blocks on the HX Stomp which is what I'm currently using. Set up duplicate amp settings on two presets and used my favorite Ownhammer IR on one and a amp + cab on the other (heavy rock sound...Van Halen-ish). 
No matter what I did or what cab or how I tweaked just didn't have the oomph, warmth and fullness of the Ownhammer IR.

So yeah, it would be AWESOME to be able to choose amp + cab and choose an IR instead of a Line 6 cab. Don't care about stereo because I play live (or DID play live before the govt. shut all the clubs down).


Hopefully that option in amp + cab is coming soon! :)

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