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ir import error


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9 hours ago, madroxounds said:

Only tried one source so far. Literally got the thing today. Paid source (Ola Endglund) so would expect it to work?


I had the same problem and it was with Ola's IRs too. Some of them are working but some are not.
There is some issue with too short IR's signals I think. I've checked IR's from other sources (ML Zila Cabs) and it works perfectly, I loaded up like 120 IR at once.

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2 hours ago, madroxounds said:

How do I determine the resolution?


I've downloaded some free ir's and they load fine...


see? based on what crugero also writes, probably some ir's of the pack are corrupted. check with the vendor. 

512 and 1024 are the number of samples of the ir. sometimes they state it on the specs, sometimes not. Pod go should eat pretty much whatever type of ir but I don't know precisely. 

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