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Found A Great Use For The Dt Customizer Functionality

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I set up one of my 8 slots to have "No Amp Model".

I selected the settings I wanted pentode, class A/B, even gave it a cabinet choice to get that EQ flavor assigned to it...etc.


But now, when I choose that slot I have a great tube power section with a relatively uncolored front end for using what ever preamp I want.

Right now the Kingsley Jester and the Xotic SL Drive are taking turns being the preamp for that slot. And they are both doing really well at completing the package!


It's like finding yet another useful blade in the old swiss army knife.

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Interesting find.

I missed that option while reading over the MIDI specification.

I think this could be also used by HD users to avoid having an unused amp model in path A to create a no-preamp path B to the DT. The 'No Amp model' would have to be in channel B though to make this work.

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Very cool idea! I may do this myself, as I really don't need 8 separate amps.

I sometimes load the same amp into all 4 slots, but with different cabs, reverbs and voicings etc.

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A little update on this use.


I have the Blackface 'Lux Vib model in all 4 slots of Channel A. Each iteration has a different cab and in some cases topology differences class A for some A/B for others etc.

The range of Cabs is the stock 1x12 blackface, the 2x12 Silver, the Dr. Z 2x12 ported and a 4x12 Greenback. those 4 really make for a great pallet of sounds.

Just channel A with this range of tonal characteristics is, by itself, the equivalent of a fantastic boutique amplifier.


On Channel B I have a Park 75, a JCM 800 and a Recto...the fourth slot in channel B is no amp for outboard preamp use.


The sounds for each slot are great and I don't even need to touch the basic controls: drive, bass, middle, treble, presence, etc. once in a while I might turn one slightly but having all the slots sounding really good with the same knob positions is making them easy to switch between...output volume levels all close enough etc.

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