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FIXED - Pod Go Edit - Set list backup error


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I just tried to backup a set list, and got this error message - can anyone from Line 6 explain/assist please?  There is nothing wrong with any of the patches - they all load correctly:




Just to be clear, I saw a Helix thread on this. I've tried backing up a set list in different sections of the list, a few at a time, in blocks of five or even two and no matter what I do the error appears.  Yet I can back up my patches in their entirety with no problems - I just can't do a set-list back-up.  Is this a Pod Go Edit bug?




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Update - oddly, I can back up a set list from the factory patch section, but i can't from the User area and which is where I get the error message.  I've raised a ticket and sent a full back-up so will be interested to see if the tech guys can see what's wrong.

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I have had a few similar issues when exporting and backing up. I have found a couple of my own user presents caused the issue. No idea what the issue actually is, but way round this for me was to export patches in sections, until you hit the error. This will filter down to a few presets, then just export each one until you hit the offending preset - then recreate that preset and your good to go. 

hopefully these issues will be ironed out in future releases. 

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