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  1. It's helpful to think of creating different setlists here as well as thinking about backup only. This can be useful if you play in different bands, or have different setlists for certain gigs, this way means you only need to have the song presets available for that paticular gig/rehersal. I personally find that useful as it makes navigated the presets easy and you are not presented by presets you don't need for that scenario e.g. I have a setlist with just 15 presets(+song snapshots) that I use for band rehearsal, but then load up a bigger bank when I want to back at home.
  2. My advice to anyone upgrading firmware is to do so via the dedicated Line 6 update software and not using Podgo edit. This crashed for me, and bricked the device. Luckily I was able to recover using the dedicated software.
  3. I have had a few similar issues when exporting and backing up. I have found a couple of my own user presents caused the issue. No idea what the issue actually is, but way round this for me was to export patches in sections, until you hit the error. This will filter down to a few presets, then just export each one until you hit the offending preset - then recreate that preset and your good to go. hopefully these issues will be ironed out in future releases.
  4. I too found some of the perceived limitations a bit frustrating to start with. However, you have to realise what the device is and isn't at this price point. For the price, to me it's a simple choice of functionality vs tone. You can get alternatives with more functionality, but tone is more important to me. What I have also recognised is that you can be a bit creative with how you use the device; yes it would be nice to add a couple of extra devices in the chain, but it's very, very rare I need all FX switched on at the same time so you just set up another patch with a different configuration - that's still only one button to activate (the same as activating another stomp). If you need 180 seconds of looper time, maybe a dedicated looper with the PodGo would be a good compromise, or go for the Mooer and sacrifice a bit of tone.
  5. Hey, thanks for the reply. That does make more sense now. I guess I've got used to using dual delays and using note values rather than % of the 1st delay (1/4 note, dotted eighth etc). Will need my calculator now:)
  6. The PodGo ASIO drivers don't seem very optimised, I would invest in a good interface (I use the Focusrite Scarlett, which is very good IMO) and use that instead.
  7. Hi , did you ever work this out? I need to know as well
  8. Same here - brand new PodGo today, updated via Pod Go Edit - bricked the unit. Having read the issues here, I managed to unbrick and update using the Line 6 Updater. Clearly there are issues with the Edit updater!
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