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HX Effects and FRFR


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Hi all,

I just bought HX Effects and prepare to rebuild my whole rig. You can see my idea on the attached picture.

At this moment I'm using M9 modeler + Fender HRD and Laney Cube amps to have stereo sound - but I want to replace them by any FRFR speakers. My questions:

  1. Can I connect directly to FRFR speakers from HX Effects using unbalanced TS outs connections or do I need any DI Box staff or something like this?
  2. If Yes, what not so expensive FRFR are recomended for this approach
  3. Is my bottom concept with signal flow is correct or is something wrong witk my concept?


Thanks for help

Kuba Pawłowski





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Active FRFR speakers in most cases have balanced inputs, either XLR, TRS or combo. Therefore the recommended of connecting the Hx Effects is directly via TRS cable. Unbalanced TS is possible, but it won't eliminate noise that is potentially induced along the cable way. A Di box is not needed.


The schema looks fine. Keep in mind that A/D and D/A conversion from and to the loop add signal loss and latency. Worst case:

Git -> input A/D -> loop1 D/A -> MG 300 A/D -> MG 300 D/A -> loop1 A/D -> loop2  D/A-> boost -> loop2 A/D -> output D/A


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Can I use TRS cables for HX? According to manual, it has unbalanced TS out jacks. - I got the infos from:

Since I couldn't find confirming sources for that, my original answer is probably wrong. So unbalanced outs would mean depending on cable length there might be noise that you could minimize with a D.I. box given a short cable from Hx to D.I. and a long cable to FRFR device. Since you would set the Hx output to line level the induced noise on the cable way should be small compared to the signal and might not be audible, but that highly depends on noise sources in the field.


What is " A/D and D/A" in your flow? - Digital to Analog and vice versa conversion.


You might want to visit a music store to try different FRFR solutions since it can feel quite different compared to a real amp.

Also you might consider all in one solutions with integrated amp modeling like the POD Go / Helix / Hx Stomp.

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I think your connections are fine - but does this rig really make sense?

You have a booster - maybe you already own it?

But in the HXFX you have a number of options to do exactly the same thing and you can place them in any order you like.

Then you are amp modelling with the NUX unit?

It is a full effects unit and includes a pedal that would end up in a pretty bad point in the chain for anything but volume. (maybe delay swells too...)

So there is a lot of double up.

Secondly, I'm suspicious that the NUX is not really at the level of your other components.

So if you somehow end up with this collection of bits and you want to connect them - sure - this is going to work - but if you were thinking of buying the lot to make your "dream" rig.

I'd be definitely looking at some great amp sim units not the NUX.

Of just go Helix floor/LT/PodGo......

There are some great amp sim pedals out there - yes, they cost more than the NUX, but not much more than the nux + the boost - and I just don't see you needing that boost.

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Thanks for your opinion.

Yes - I already have this Spark booster in my current rig. I'd like to stay with that because it works to modes - normal / momentary - what is very handy during play. The same thing - I didn't put this on the picture, but I also stay with my Joyo PXL Live as a MIDI controler for choosing presets from HX. Why - because it's handy - I have a controller and booster at the bottom of my pedalboard and have fast  & easy acces to it without dancing over my rig.

NUX - this is only one think I need to buy. Why NUX? It has a very impresive opinions, expecialy if we thing about amp & cabs simulations and IR loading. To be honest I don't know alternatives for that for similar money.

Obiously it's not my "dream rig", this is the another reason, why I don't want to spent to much money for amp/cab simulator. Do you know any alternative pedals for similar money?

I definitely don't want 4CM ;)





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