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ticking sound


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Ive seen that when there's an electric fence nearby. Does it do that at home? 

I actually run mine into a direct box for another layer of decoupling before it hits the snake, but our church system is noisy. Had to do that with helix as well.


At home its dead quiet. 

Most churches have added sound systems etc that they weren't designed for initially. Many times they added sound system power on the same power leg as lighting etc. 

Nightmare for musicians


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In the US, 'dirty electricity' can be a real problem and digital gear can be particularly sensitive to anything other than a clean, stable supply.  It's a very common problem in the US (where the control and quality of mains supply is somewhat different to the UK, with fluctuating voltage and external interference that can change hugely between venues) and you may need to 'clean' your electricity by investing in a good quality power conditioner.  Furman are highly respected but expensive, although there are cheaper makes that should still be able to do the job.

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