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Pod Go - Direct into PA?


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Yup, that's exactly how I'll be using Pod Go once live gigging in the UK becomes an option again. I also have a Headrush FRFR108 which is superb with Pod Go and is incredibly loud for its compact size...never mind as a monitor, for pub/smaller club gigs its plenty loud for being backline facing the audience.  I might even get a second one! 


In fact, I haven't used a guitar amp for years, as both at rehearsal and gigging I put my Vox Tonelab SE straight through the PA mixer.  The TLSE is a superb heavy duty gigging MFX unit, but its quite big and heavy, and is circa the same overall size and weight of the full Helix Floor. I bought Pod Go for its small footprint, very light weight, modern Helix tones and features.  

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Hi, hope it makes sense to ask here... and sorry for a stupid question. So far I have played only small gigs with my Pod GO going directly to my FRFR (Alto TS210) using the main out and small PA only for vocals. Now when playing bigger gigs and using the main outs to go into the mix / PA how can I still monitor directly using my FRFR on stage? I could use the Amp out, but that one does not have cab sims, so the sound is different. Split cables? Thanks for your advice

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The default setting for amp out is to include the speaker simulation. Goofy default, but it works for what you need.


Another option would be a splitter cable.


Either way you may need to use a DI box with an isolation transformer to prevent a ground loop.

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I wonder: isn't the headphone output another viable option to connect the Pod Go to a stage monitor?
If the answer were yes, in addition to the main and amp outputs, there would still be an additional output for other additional connections.
In this regard, the manual does not specify anything ...

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On 9/17/2020 at 9:19 PM, 886343 said:

Is it possible to go direct from the Pod Go into a PA system - i.e not use an amp at all and using in ear monitoring to hear myself...


I've been using the POD GO for about 3 weeks now exactly as you describe. 


One thing I have found however is that certain setup chains, particularly with a lot of distortion/gain get lost in the mix and lack any power to cut through.


I base everything on a 'very clean base' setup and usually add the Minotaur and change the FX Loop to a parameter change for channel volume or the amp block or drive on the kinky boost to increase the signal.


As for monitoring, I just send the AUX from the PA back to a wedge monitor or in-ears, depending on the venue.

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