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MD20 won't power up at all - fuse? easily replaceable?

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Got the MD20 out for an outdoor service - and it won't power up. Ugh... Is there a fuse that one could access and replace. I don't hear any "click" of a power supply powering up. The MD20 has been lightly used - maybe a dozen times, and has been kept in a padded hardshell case, so it wasn't abused at all. Grrrr... wanting to use it with 2 l3t speakers and one l2t. Not sure what to do...



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* Grabs popcorn *


I also now have the same issue. My search for solutions begins.


I bought one of the early Stagescapes and it has been a rock for me on the road, in the studio, podcasting, etc.. I never had the problems others were running into with the post-Yamaha purchase builds. I can hear a slight little buzz inside so wondering if it's accepting some power but stopped at a fuse???


Any advice for Larry and I, anyone?

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I have two of them... One from around 2013 and then I picked up a used one as a backup about a year ago. My 2013 looked like it failed to boot recently, but I could hear something going on. Turns out that the device was indeed turning on, but the ribbon connector for the screen had detached inside. I can still use it with an iPad. 


I'm hoping a friend can repair it at some point, but knowing that it still does work, it has been demoted to being my backup.


If you can open it up, gently, see if there is an issue with the ribbon that attaches to the screen. 

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