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Have I made the right choice

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Hi all


I have a Pod go on order which I am looking forward to getting.

i have recently purchased a power cab 112 to compliment it however, it doesn’t appear very loud.
I have and old pod 2 which I have used through the amp but I don’t think I will have enough clean headroom for live situations.

i also have an old Digitec multi fx with some cabinet modelling which is louder than the pod however I a bit concerned going forward.

is anyone else using the pod go and powercab in their setup.?



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Haven't tried the Pod go.

Your patches or output need to be loud going into the PowerCab too.  You should be aiming so that the input lights on the PowerCab turn yellow, but not (or rarely) red.  If they're green, it means the signal you're pumping into it isn't that loud, and it doesn't have enough power to make it as loud as you'd like.


You can increase input gain without affecting your patch tone by:
1) Turning up the Pod go master volume

2) Turning up the volume in the Output section of the patch
3) Set the Main Out Level to Line in the Global settings

4) Using Balanced cables to connect to the PowerCab (TRS, not TS).  Balanced cables are ~6 dB louder (twice as loud) because they send 2 signals that are merged into 1 at the end for twice the amplitude. 

5) Increase the Input Gain in the PowerCab's global settings.


You can increase the patch volume, but potentially affect your tone by:

1) Turning up the Channel volume in the amp sim, which will affect other things after it in the chain.

2) Adding a compressor to the end of the chain, which will squeeze some more volume out of the tone.

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