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Red screen, black bean and nothing


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Hi guys,


My new POD GO came in today. Unpacked the box and plugged it in. Nothing happens except what you see on the picture.

Tried C+D pushed in for more than 20 seconds and power on

The same with buttons A+B

Installed POD GO Edit and page -> pushing while firing up. Nothing. 

POD GO edit says nothing is connected.

Now I'm outa options. Hopefully someone can help me? Sending it back is not what I'm happy with.....


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Good times...   Pretty amazing you got a unit which was dead on arrival.  Where did you purchase it from?   I'm guessing someone bought the Go, tried to update its firmware, it bricked the unit, then the customer returned it, and the shop just sold it to you as if it was a brand new unit.  It's either that, or Line6 has ZERO QA and they're shipping 'dead' units lol  which I doubt...

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