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POD HD500X Not Working Playing Outside


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2 POD HD500X issues during outside rehearsal for upcoming event.  

  • 1) volume pedal not working. 
  • 2) display stays on edit mode — as if I’m turning amp volume knobs — but am not touching anything. Preventing pedal on/off, patch switches.  


Any ideas?  Playing on 40’ flatbed trailer. No overhead cover — exposed to sunlight. Weather: dry 50 degrees, sunny.  POD and 4 external pedals plugged into power strip —> extension cord —> main power strip for band —> extension cord —> building power source. 


Input from sound engineer — either sunlight effecting or not enough power.  POD purchased 2018. 

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A long power extension can reduce the amount of amps and voltage very quickly if the wire gauge is too small, which it typically is in a band situation.  More than likely that was the cause.


People look at me kind'a funny when they see the extra heavy power cables I bring for long runs.  But that's what it takes.

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