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Helix Floor Out To 5150III And 2 FRFR


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I’ve had my Helix floor for a few weeks and have been running it out to two Headrush FRFR. I got a 5150III today and am trying to figure something out. I love the tones the 5150III puts out and I’d like to run my Helix into that to use its effects. But I also have a bunch of presets with amp models and effects I already love the tones coming out of the two FRFR. How can I have both setups exist together and not have to move cables around? I don’t think the 4CM gives me what I want. If I need to pick up some A/B/Y pedals I’ll do it, but I’d prefer being able to use the Helix to control this setup giving me the Best Of Both Worlds. 

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I did this with my 5150 III 50 watt and two power cab + speakers.  It was different than what you seem to want to do but your plan is totally doable with Helix.


I used the 5150 and it's cab as a dry signal and as my main tone. It's actually 4CM but no post effects are going back to the FX return of the amp.  I split the signal after the FX loop in the Helix so the stereo FX post the amp go out to the Power Cab + and they have cab sims built in but you can add that to the Helix also.


I uploaded a patch to CustomTone that should work for you.  5150 3 4CM+FRFR  I set it up so the XLR outputs will go to your FRFR speakers and the 1/4" out will go back to the FX return of the amp.


My name on there is DarthHollis.  https://line6.com/customtone/profile/DarthHollis/


Let me know if you have any question. 

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Run the XLR Outs to the FRFR112s.

Run the 5150 in 4cm.

Have separate Presets for each configuration, or put the Helix amp and the FX Loop on a single footswitch, saved with one ON and one OFF.

Put an A/B Split right before the Output Block with the Panning assigned to the same Footswitch as the amp and FX Loop and two Output Blocks, one set to 1/4" and the other set to XLR.

When you want to use the 5150 the Helix Amp is OFF, the FX Loop is ON and the A/B Split is panned to the 1/4" Out Block.

When you want the FRFR the Helix Amp is ON, the S/R is OFF and the A/B Block is panned to the XLR Out Block. That path contains the Cab/IR.

Attached is a sample preset showing how it's done.



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