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Aux In Always-On Stomp Button


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I've set up the FX Return as an "always-on" Aux In so I can plug in my phone and play along.


However,  one consequence of this that "Mono FX Loop" now appears as a permenant stomp button on every screen. I can move it around, but I don't seem to be able to get rid of it.


Since this effect is indeed "always-on" this is a waste of a stomp button. Can I remove the button (but of course, keep the aux in always-on)?

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Yeah, you can do it through the softare PGEdit via unassigning the stomp button in the stomp button interface, can also do it on go, but you have to go to action or something ...  It's done in a quite unintuitive way which I don't exactly recall.





A simpler way is to assign another pedal to the same stomp button and choose 'replace' while saving (don't merge!), your old stomp button will become blank, then you just re-assign the same block to another button and effectively have erased your loop stomp button.

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The two things aren't related at all, actually. This is just how the factory presets (and I believe blank presets) are set up. The FX Loop block is always assigned to a footswitch in Stomp Mode. But you can clear the assignment and assign whatever other block you want to that footswitch.


On the unit itself, navigate to the FX Loop block and press the < and > buttons together to enter the menu. Push down Knob 1 for the Bypass/Control menu. You'll see the word Switch above Knob 2. Turn it back and it select None. That will remove the bypass assignment.


As far as assigning another block to that footswitch, it's described in the manual:


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