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Linked Seconds PowerCab is not working


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I have a Helix Floor with the latest updates (2/1/2021) and a pair of PowerCab 112 Plus.  I connect the First PowerCab with the Line6 Link Cable which intern connects to the Second PowerCab using the Line6 Link Cable.  The problem is I can not get any sound out of the PowerCab connected to the first PowerCab (which connects directly to the Helix).  I can use the Link Cable and connect the second PowerCab to the Helix and it works fine.  All of the Cables are good as are both PowerCabs.  I am at a loss as to why I can't get both working. In helix I can both cabs Linked and all of the presets are correct. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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This is a bug, not sure if in the Helix or in the PCabs. I have the same setup, and I get this when Helix power up BEFORE the two PCs completed their own boot, or when   the last Powercab in the daisy chain, turns ON before the rest of the rig.


Anyway, try a different boot sequence like (starting with everything OFF);


1) Powerup the Powercab A (the one receiving link from Helix) - Wait the boot to complete

2) Powerup the Powercab B (the one receiving link from Powercab A) - Wait the boot to complete

3) Powerup the Helix


If doesnt work, try 2), 1), 3).

If doesnt work  try  3)  1), 2)....


Point is, test different sequences, 'til you find the one which works for you. (sounds silly, but Ive read people solving with a different sequence than mine, but that wouldnt work for me....)


Important thing is to just wait for every device to complete its own boot, before powering up the others....


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4 minutes ago, slowrower said:

Helix - > Cab A -> Cab B  worked.  Many thinks PoerM


Helix -> Cab 1 -> Cab 2 Worked,  thank you

This worked for a second or two,  the Green Signal Light comes on Cab-B and goes out and sound goes away.  If its a weak signal maybe something in the Helix will help.

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