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Jtv "hd" Firmware 2.0 With Dream Rig: Models React Differently

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Have any of you noticed, since the JTV HD (firmware 2.0) update, the guitar models react differently through the "Dream Rig"? Was the POD HD500 ever updated to match the changes to the JTV HD? I think it needs to be. We already know, it doesn't work with Workbench HD, but aside from that it just sounds and behaves differently. I'm not just talking about the redesigned "HD" models -- I know that those are going to (obviously) sound different. On the "spank" model, for example: when I switch back and forth from the models to the analog pups, I get a radically different tone; the analog pups are open, transparent, and alive-sounding; the modeled strat tones are rounder, closed-off, and a bit muted (like the transients are missing). Now, the strange thing is, when I play through my audio interface, into the DAW (using plugins), I don't hear this radical change in behavior or tone. The change is MUCH subtler. As soon as I go through the HD500, the change is significant. I'm using the latest firmware for everything.


If someone has the Dream Rig setup -- mine is JTV HD >> HD500 >> DT25 Head -- can you please share your experience? Something is off here, and I suspect it might be that the POD HD500 was never updated to work with the new JTV "HD" models.



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The latest JTV HD firmware has both new guitar models as well as a new modeling 'engine'. That's why even the acoustic models, unchanged in v2.0, sound slightly different.


Anytime you change your guitar, whether digital or analog, and reconnect to your HD500/DT25 the sound will be different using the same HD500 presets and the same DT25 settings. The new models in your JTV are doing exactly the same thing; you've switched guitars. The HD500 does not need to be updated every time you switch guitars. You may need to tweak your tones, though, if you want them to sound exactly as they used to. That's simply because the HD500 is now receiving a different input signal based on a different set of guitars in the JTV.

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I appreciate the response, silverhead, but I'm making a different point. I was worried, when I started this thread, that I wouldn't be able to word it in a way that makes clear what I am asking about -- I explained that this difference in behavior does not happen in my DAW; only through the POD hd500 using the VDI connection. What you're describing is a difference in tone; what I am talking about is a difference in behavior, and the way the guitar models are interacting with the amp models. Specifically, I am looking for feedback from people who have the dream rig and have been through both updates of firmware. I am curious if anyone else has had a similar experience. Because the VDI cable is involved, and there is some communication from the pod HD 500 (the entire interaction is digital), I was thinking the firmware could be affecting the behavior of the models. Just a thought (I might be wrong). Maybe my ears are just playing tricks on me (it's happened before!) :-)


Anyway, thanks for the feedback.



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