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XDV-75 rackmount

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Hi, new member here. Just realized as I was signing up that I own quite a bit of Line6-gear so I suppose it's about time.


However, the reason for joining is this silly question.

I just received a 2nd XD-V75 unit. Yay! 

Somehow I did not expect that mounting it next to my first unit would be an issue....but it is.

Is there really no way to mount 2 XD's side by side or do I have to buy a bigger rack to facilitate the extra unit?


Fun fact, I had a prior shock when I bought an extra 'short ear' to mount my XD in a 9.5" flight case. Spoiler alert: Didn't fit.

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I mounted six in a rack in a 2x3 config.  Worked just fine.  It's been awhile, but I believe you connect two units together using a rail and then insert the two units as a whole into the rack.  All the mounting hardware should be included if you bought new units.



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The above is my experience too. The original materials include the rackmount equipment for 2 units side-by-side in a standard 19" 1U rack space. I successfully mounted and connected 5 units in a 4U rack, leaving me 1U space beneath for spare cables and other equipment. No problems and no need for extra materials except a 5-port power hub and short cables for daisy chaining the units inside the rack.

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First attempt: Thomann.

Reply: when installing the receiver of the XD-V 75 in a 19" rack, the antennas must be replaced to the frontside of the rack, to have best connection to the receiver. When two receivers are installed on one unit, you don´t have space to replace the antennas. This is also the reason why there is no solution available, to mount two receivers in one singe unit.


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I use the P-180 antennas because I have 5 units and the rabbit ears are just too messy. However, if I only had 2 units in a single rack space I would use one rabbit ear on the front of each unit and use 2 short cables in the rear to connect the other antenna inputs in a daisy chain manner.





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The antenna argument from Thomann makes no sense anyway. When installed in the back, the rabbit ears would be neatly in line, whereas when installed in front they would be paired on top of each other (unless you choose to alternate the short and long rack ears, but that only works until you introduce a third tier).

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The verdict from Line 6 Support:



-when combining two receivers and (NOT using remote antennas) in one rack you will probably want to put the two receivers under each other and use the two longrack ears (one with the half wave- antenna, the other one without) and connect the cables as described on page 25/26 in the manual -if you connect two receivers as shown on page 26 (photos 1,2,3,4) this way , the antenna panel would have to be placed below/above in another rack slot an would be"hanging" on only two screws on one side of the rack so what's shown there in photo 1, 2,3,4 is rather for remote antenna setup


manual :

https://line6.com/data/6/0a064339457b54fa0539221bf/application/pdf/XD-V75 Pilot's Guide - English ( Rev i ).pdf


When the  receivers  are  mounted  together,  either  use  remote  antennas  on  one  receiver  and  BNC-to-BNC  cables to loop to the other. To loop from one receiver to the next, the antennas connect to the ANTENNA A and ANTENNA B  BNC  connector  or  the  rear  panel  of  the  first  receiver.  Then  the  BNC-to-BNC  cables  go  from  the  [A OUT] and [B OUT] connectors to the ANTENNA A and ANTENNA B connectors of the next receiver


All these rackmounts are included in the XD-V75 box



Now as for the antenna issue, I will simply drill some holes in a blanking plate and mount that on the BACK of my rack. Seems to me that should resolve the issue.


More good news, I used the picture below to ask the guy from Graig's List to go through his junk drawer and sure enough he found it.


Also the sun is shining and there is a touch of spring in the air.


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Having a cluster of antennae close together at the back of the rack is a bad idea, and not just because it looks messy.


Each antenna, although fitted to a receiver, also functions as a transmitter, albeit at a very low power level. (It's the nature of receiver electronics that a small amount of signal is sent back to the antenna.) This means that each receiver is surrounded by a cluster of additional transmitters which is bad news for RF performance.


Also, as frequently demonstrated on this forum, antennae being located at the back of the receivers is rarely the optimum position for them as good line of sign is generally limited and proximity to other equipment is likely. Getting them up in the air and away from other equipment is always beneficial, even if just using the included antennae rather than the P180s.

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Thanks Sheriton, I'll bear that in mind. Other than esthetics there is no reason for the rack to face front so I could just as well turn it around and have the antenna's face the stage. I realize I'm making a lot of fuzz about an inch of space here, but I'm on a mission of creating a PA setup that will fit in the back of my SUV along with my kb gear. Compact is king here.

The set is intended for small rooms and even smaller stages, so I don't anticipate major issues with reception or interference but we will see. 

Anyway, I appreciate the support. I've been using wireless equipment forever in ignorant bliss, never having any issues (except for the one time when I started using the XD-V75 and found out the hard way that channel management becomes a thing when using a mixer and a mic both operating on 2.4 Ghz.). Under the circumstances it may be a while before I truly get to experiment with a full setup, but I'll mark the warning and pray I'll remember when the time comes.

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