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Helix native with HX stomp

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I am thinking to purchase the helix native plugin with a registered HX stomp.  But is this plugin the full version of helix or is it like the HX stomp with maximum 8 blocks? 


Can i use it without connecting the HX stomp? Use my focusrite as interface? My HX stomp is on my "big" pedalboard and if this works i can leave my pedalboard at our rehearsal place more often. I can create and experiment with the helix native before i load everything on the HX stomp ;-).



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Yes, there’s only one version of Native, and it’s not limited to the capabilities of the hardware (it can be if you run it in compatibility mode, which lets you transfer presets back and forth).


And, no, the hardware doesn’t need to be connected for it to run. The license isn’t really tied to the hardware at all. Although, the discount for the license it, and there are requirements as far as how long you need to keep the hardware and still keep the discount.

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