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Maybe not a bug...


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So, I've been having this issue for a while (since prior to 3.01) which I thought was a known bug involving skipped presets when scrolling presets using the Preset Up and Down footswitches. However, this bug has been fixed and I'm still having problems.

I have my Helix set up for live use with snapshots. In all my presets I've made Footswitch 1 'Next Preset' and Footswitch 5 'Previous Preset.' I have this annoying problem where one press of Footswitch 1 will jump two presets (ie, it will take me from 01A to 01C with one press). It does it randomly and it's worse some times than others. It seems worse when I'm connected via USB to HX Edit; however, it still does it when there's no cable connected. This is a major PITA when we go straight into another song, or when I forget to look at the set list and start playing the wrong song!

Anyway, two firmware updates and I'm still having this issue, so I've realised it probably isn't the bug I thought it was. After doing some troubleshooting I've found that if I assign 'Next Preset' to a different footswitch, the problem goes away (this seems to be the case today, at least!). This suggests that there's a problem with the actual switch; however, when I assign that footswitch to another function, such as Bank Select Up, or Next Snapshot, it never causes problems.

Can anyone suggest a probable cause?




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Maybe it is a bug. Mine does it too. I set up two presets to toggle back and forth as you described, and just alternated NEXT/PREV.

Every so often it just randomly decides to skip, always (in my limited testing) on the PREV command.


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Be sure to let them know that it's been confirmed by at least one other.

Even if it's a switch "sensitivity" thing (what I suspect, HW vs SW bug), it's good to let them know.

Do please come back with their reply.

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