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  1. merdenoms74

    HD PRO X not switching Variax

    There is no 'Force' option. Under Models I can scroll through and select 'Don't Force,' which is means there is no model selected, but otherwise it looks like by having a model selected it should force the Variax to go to that model. I think it might be a bug/glitch. I still have no idea what was different between the setup of the two patches. I've worked around the problem by copying the patch that worked to the slot of the one that didn't and editing it to make it the same as what was originally there. Weird and annoying, but I'm glad there's a workaround.
  2. merdenoms74

    HD PRO X not switching Variax

    Thanks for your response. When you say 'edit page' do you mean under' setup' on one of the two pages regarding Variax?
  3. Hi, I'm hoping someone can help. I have my JTV-59 connected to my POD PRO X via the VDI cable. When I select the patch below the Variax does exactly as it should: The model knob lights up, and it has the correct model and tuning as per the preset. However, when I select this patch, the Variax modelling turns off and I get the magnetic pickups. Can anyone shed some light on why I'm having this problem? Is there a setting I have missed?
  4. merdenoms74

    HD Model Packs List: Not All New Amps Are There.....

    Nevermind- it has appeared.
  5. merdenoms74

    HD Model Packs List: Not All New Amps Are There.....

    Is anyone else missing the Variac'ed Plexi in HD Edit? (Yes, I have Edit 2.26)
  6. merdenoms74

    So are we HD500 users second class costumers?

    Wait, so you mean I won't be able to use the global EQ with my HD500 and DT25 connected via L6 Link?
  7. merdenoms74

    dumb question: mesa cab clone with DT-25?

    I have just started experimenting with a Black Cat Unleash http://www.badcatamps.com/unleash.html between the head and cab, fed into my interface, then using Two Notes Wall of Sound for cab emulation in my DAW. Of course you could always use a cab sim on the HD. For low volume playing I find the Bad Cat awesome. Sounds much better than Low Volume Mode and means you don't have to have full amp versions of your patches.
  8. merdenoms74

    I have yet to get a good tone out of the JCM-800

    Hey Gazza, is the mid-focus eq after the amp in the chain? Thanks.