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  1. Okay, big sigh of relief! Once I selected 'Per Preset' in HX edit and went out and back into my presets, they were working as they should.
  2. So, after updating I've found that all the settings saved in presets and snapshots have disappeared! This is going to take me hours to fix!
  3. Has anyone else noticed that their Variax settings in their snapshots and presets have disappeared since updating? All my tunings etc have gone back to the standard defaults! This is going to take hours to fix!
  4. I'm experimenting with this at the moment too. I'm finding that the Helix's preamp models are very quiet and hollow sounding compared to the preamp section of my amp (a DSL40cr). When I want to use amp modelling in the Helix with this setup, I'm finding using full amp models rather than just the preamp is yielding the best results. YMMV of course.
  5. Okay, so I worked out that when you go into Command Center while in a snapshot, what you see are all the options for that 1 snapshot- not for the entire patch! I really don't understand the way this is set out. Regardless, I have it working now that I realised I can use instant commands because what I'm seeing in Command Center only affects the snapshot that I'm currently on.
  6. Hi all, I'm trying to get the Helix to change channels and modes on my DSL40 via midi program changes. This works fine if I set up an instant command for a patch, but I want to be able to change channels with snapshots. When I'm in Command Center trying to set the command up to a footswitch, I'm using the following settings: Command- Bank/Prog Midi Ch- 1 (I know this is correct because it works on Ch1 with an instant command) Bank CC00- Off Bank CC32- Off Program- 0,1,2 or 3, depending on the channel/mode I'm trying to get. Again, I know this is correct because it works for an instant command. Should I have specific settings for the Banks? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  7. Maybe it's a Mac thing, but it looks different for me. I have to specify inputs and outputs.
  8. Hi all, I'm trying to get MIKKO to work in standalone with the Helix. I have the following settings: Output on the Helix set to USB 1/2 MIKKO set as shown: When I click 'Test' the output is working but I'm not getting any input. Can anyone suggest anything?
  9. Ahh! I see it now! Thanks duncann- I'm still getting familiar with all the different parameters!
  10. Hi people, I was wondering whether someone could take the time to check these two patches (just snapshot 1 of each). As far as I can tell, they should sound identical; however, 'PLEXI 1' sounds quieter and slightly darker than 'PLEXI 2'. All the blocks have been copied and pasted individually from PLEXI 1 to PLEXI 2 so they are exactly the same. The routing panning and levels are the same (unless I've missed something). This is really annoying as I have 'master patches' that I copy the amp and cab blocks from into other patches for specific songs. The aim here is to get consistency between patches, but I'm finding that for some odd reason, I'm not getting that. Thanks in advance. PLEXI 1.hlx PLEXI 2.hlx
  11. merdenoms74


    For some reason I had completely overlooked the Tilt EQ until I read this. Now it's my best friend! Thanks for the tip!
  12. merdenoms74


    Wow, this thread went on a bit of a journey didn't it? Anyway, I haven't bothered posting any clips (intentional pun) because I've been busy tweaking and found that I can dial out the sounds that were irritating me. What I was hearing as clipping must be what others refer to as 'fizz' and it can, for the most part be reduced with a high cut. I think my perception is due to a couple of things: - When it comes to real amps, I've owned quite a number. However, they were all higher gain, modern amps that only really produced distortion in their preamps. Therefore, some of the models which are cranked and modelling distortion in their power amp section sound like they're clipping to me. -I've been playing through a Kemper for a few years. Kemper profiles are a snapshot of an amp that has been dialled in to the personal taste of the person profiling them. Any harshness has usually been dialled out and, since, you can't really manipulate the sound much beyond that, the poweramp clipping/fizz (or whatever you want to call it) doesn't appear when you crank the volume or gain. Anyway, now that I've got used to hearing and working with the 'fizz', I'm loving the Helix! Anyone want to buy a Kemper?
  13. merdenoms74


    Will do this evening, which will probably be the middle of the night/early morning for most of you.
  14. merdenoms74


    Okay, well if it's not clipping, what is it? It's certainly not a sound a real amp would make unless the examples Line 6 based their models on had blown speakers.
  15. merdenoms74


    I stumbled across this thread after searching for 'clipping' as I'm having a problem with this too. I haven't read through the entire thread so I apologise if what I'm about to say has already been covered. Having had the Helix for only a day I have found that the default settings for the amp models are way too hot and the 'digital clipping' artifacts are a major issue for me too. The issue, for me at least, is most prominent on the models that load up with their master volumes on 10. The clipping can be reduced considerably by bringing this down. In some cases, the channel volume also has to come down to get rid of it. With the amp model bypassed I can't make the signal clip, so on the positive side it is definitely a software issue. Like I said, I've only had it for a day so I have a lot of experimenting to do. I remember having the same issue with the POD HD (I think they improved it with later firmware updates).
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