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  1. Thanks, software developer by day, gigging musician by night. More information the better for this type of thing.
  2. Firmware/Editor: Firmware 3.00; HX Edit 3.00 OS: Windows 10 Global Settings: Prefereces: Preset Numbering set to 01A-32D, Footswitches: set to “Preset/Snap” with “8 Switches”. Bug: Bank Down skips Bank 1. It goes straight to Bank 32. Also, sometimes if higher up (IE bank 16, it will skip bank 15 and go to 14). To duplicate: Install HX Edit 3.00 Run HX Edit and perform firmware update 3.00 from HX Edit All of my patches are in USER01. Select that and hit bank up to bank 5. Hit bank down to try and get back to 1. It goes to 32. I reinstalled 2.92 and it doesn’t do this. Bank up and Bank down is perfect. Workaround is to go back up from Bank 32, so not so bad, just a pita.
  3. Hi, Here is the patch I created for this song. They keyboard sound is pretty close. The rest of the patch is done the "Jason Sadites" way. You didn't mention if you were 2.82 or not, so I attached my 2.71 version. NOTE: its using a 3 Sigma Audio IR (one of the Marshall cabinets 3A versions). But you could just change that a stock cab. Give this a shot. 06B Just Needed.hlx
  4. Google'd and found the manual. It seems that if you were using the mics that came with it, it sends the output from the mics to the output of the pedal, so that may always be "on". The banshee changes the output to the tube only. If that is the case and when the tube is on, the output is on as well, you may have to throw the talkbox in a loop on the helix with a gain block set to 0 when the talk box is "on". That way only the sound from the tube would go to the PA.
  5. I haven't used the Danelectro Free Speech but I run a Rocktron Banshee talkbox with my Helix setup. But it's external to the whole thing. I plug into that from my wireless, and then input the input of the Helix. The sound when using the talkbox goes from the tube into the microphone. The bypassed sound (normal guitar sound) goes into the helix. I suppose you could plug the mic into the microphone input of the Helix and send to the PA that way. But you would have to have a separate input path / output path. I find it easier to just keep the talkbox out front in its own channel on the board, Helix on another channel.
  6. I have this problem with Windows 10 every once and awhile. What I do is this: To scan for hardware changes, follow these steps: Click Start, and then click Run. ... Type devmgmt.msc, and then click OK. .. That should "reset" the usb so Helix will connect
  7. peterhome

    Firmware Helix

    install google Chrome, that's how I get the firmware updates.
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