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Stereo out for Single Powercab 112+?


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I own a Helix floor and a single Powercab 112+. 


While I realize I can run stereo to the front of house directly from the Helix,  for some heavy DSP patches, I use the powercab to provide the IR/Cab sim (to offload it from the Helix), so my normal signal chain to FOH is:  Guitar->Helix->Powercab->FOH.


I was wondering if there is anyway to send a stereo signal to the FOH from a single powercab at least for the patches where I'm not using the powercab for IR/Cab sim.  I know the powercab doesn't just drop the stereo signal it gets from the Helix because I *CAN* get stereo from the powercab through its USB interface when it's connected to my DAW computer.  I'm just wondering if there is a way to get stereo to FOH from it.

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